Kashmir well known for its hospitability and loving peoples, so staying at Kashmir is known to be the safest and affordable in whole India , their are lot of options in Kashmir when it comes to staying in Kashmir. Hotels in Kashmir are well known for their hospitality and their affordability Below are some of the options you can explore.

Discover Hotels in Kashmir with Rover Travels.

Firstly, are you dreaming of an unforgettable stay in Kashmir? If so, Rover Travels is here to guide you.

Starting with the vibrant heart of the region, we offer a wide range of hotels in Srinagar, right by the serene Dal Lake. As you move forward, for those wanting a touch of snow and scenic beauty, hotels in Kashmir’s Gulmarg await your arrival.

Furthermore, for those who love luxury and utmost comfort, we proudly present our 5-star hotels in Kashmir. If you’re keen on exploring hidden mountain escapes, then our hotels in Pahalgam will definitely catch your eye.

Most importantly, we understand that everyone has different preferences. Thus, we’ve curated a list of the best hotels in Kashmir for every type of traveler.

Worried about the cost? Don’t be. Our Kashmir hotel prices cater to both luxury seekers and budget travelers. Lastly, with our straightforward Kashmir hotel booking process, planning your trip becomes a breeze.

To wrap up, for a hassle-free experience and memorable stays, trust only Rover Travels. Connect Now: Hotels in srinagar kashmir

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How to find Affordable Stays in Kashmir with Rover Travels.

Located in the breathtaking landscapes and adorned with natural beauty, Kashmir has long been a dream destination for travelers seeking tranquility, hospitality and adventure. However, the idea of exploring this paradise is often associated with hefty expenses. Don’t need to fear that, as we bring you the ultimate guide to the cheapest stays in Kashmir, made by none other than Rover Tour & Travels. Our carefully selected accommodations promise an authentic experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

“Experience the timeless beauty of Kashmir without breaking the bank. At Rover Travels, we believe in crafting journeys that are rich in experience, not in expense.”  ROVER TRAVELS

Welcome to Rover Travels: Before we start to explore affordable stays into the hidden gems of Kashmir, let’s first introduce Rover Travels. Well renowned travel agency, Rover Travels prides itself in providing budget friendly yet memorable travel experiences. We  focus on customers specialized and tailored itinerary and personalized services, that will make Kashmir experience memorable and affordable.


    1. Stays in Houseboats on Dal Lake: One of the most essential Kashmiri experiences of staying and enjoying in Kashmir is to stay on a traditional houseboat, and Rover Travels has the perfect options for budget conscious travelers. These houseboats are anchored on the serene Dal Lake, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and beautiful blue Dal lake. Embrace the soothing ambiance as you stay on a Houseboat for a night while enjoying  cup of saffron Kashmiri Kahwa tea.
    2. Homestays in the Lap of Nature: Rover Travels is committed to offering an authentic taste of Kashmiri culture, and their handpicked homestays are a testament to that. Stay with warm and hospitable local families who open their hearts and homes to visitors. Immerse yourself in the local customs, while enjoying homemade delicacies, and exchange heart warming stories by the locals while enjoying near a Bonfire.
    3. Budget-Friendly Guesthouses: For travelers seeking a cozy space with modern amenities, Rover Travels has unlimited options of budget-friendly guesthouses. These comfortable accommodations provide a perfect blend of affordability and comfort, allowing you to explore the wonders of Kashmir without burning a hole in your pocket.
    4. Camping under the Starlit Skies: Experience the true essence of Kashmir’s raw beauty by camping under the mesmerizing starlit skies. Rover Travels organizes camping excursions at various locations, like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgham offering a chance to connect with nature and fellow travelers. Gather around bonfires, sing songs, and share laughter as you create everlasting memories. Enjoying Gulmarg in winter is a different fell with snow outside and you staying in comfort of your Hotel in Gulmarg
    5. Offbeat Retreats: Escape the tourist crowds and find comfort in the less explored regions of Kashmir. staying a bit far from city will relax yours minds and are a bit affordable on you pockets. Rover Travels has organized lot of selective offbeat retreats tucked away in the lap of nature. These offshore retreats offer a traditional, serene and peaceful environment where you can relax your mind and soul.
    6. Customizable Travel Packages: Rover Travels believes that every traveler is unique, and so are their preferences. At Rover Travels we offer customizable travel packages that let you design your own journey through Kashmir while enjoying every landscape while keeping your travel itinerary in mind. Our travel company experts will guide you in creating such itinerary that suits your interests and budget.
    7.  Staying In Locally Owned Accommodations: At Rover Travels, sustainable and responsible tourism practices are a priority. By staying in locally owned accommodations and supporting the local community is our first priority, your trip becomes more than just a vacation it becomes a positive force for the region’s development so we at Rover Travels try our best to accommodate our customer at Locally owned houses.


Kashmir, the “Paradise on Earth,” welcomes you with its surreal beauty and warm hospitality. Thanks to Rover Travels’ commitment for providing affordable stays while exploring Kashmir valley usually called Heaven On Earth, this beautiful destination is now within your reach. So, pack your bags, embrace the wonders of Kashmir, and make memories that will last a lifetime—all without raising any eyebrows. Happy travels!

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