The Great Lakes Of Kashmir

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Harmukh base camp(manimarg), Forest Block Explore Kashmir


The Great lakes of Kashmir is without any doubt the best trekking dream route of India with most stunning and beautiful lakes.  With Rover Travels, embark on an unforgettable journey to explore the Great Lakes of Kashmir Trek. This trek immerses you in an adventure filled with awe, wonder, and indescribable beauty, leading you through steep mountains, blooming meadows, and lakes that mirror the brilliance of turquoise gems. The Kashmir Great Lakes is indeed a hidden gem for travelers who seek extraordinary experiences. It is as though you’ve stepped into a fairytale as you traverse the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, witnessing the enchanting allure of this pristine landscape.

Place: Sonmarg, Jammu and Kashmir
Altitude: 13750Ft.
Base Camp: Sitkari
Duration: 8 Days
Trek Difficulty: Difficult
Trek Length: 74 KM
Trail type – Most beautiful untouched lakes.

Srinagar International Airport (Google Map)

Please Bring All the Essentials of Hiking Expedition

  • Cab For Transportation from Srinagar airport to Trekking Base Camp.
  • Seven Days Itinerary.
  • Professional Guides and Drivers.
  • Camping Accommodations.
  • Accommodations
  • Professional guide

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  • Personal  Expenses.
  • Sightseeing Expenses.

The Great Lakes Of Kashmir Names!

1. Gangabal Lake: The Attractive Gangbal Lake located in the  heart of Kashmir, at the foothills of Mount Haramukh, known to be the mightiest and tallest mountain in kashmir, Gangabal Lake is an enchanting high-altitude lake home to many fish species like wild trout or brown trout. Gangabal lake  is known to be the best medicine for adventurous  playing a crucial role in Kashmir’s adventure tourism, Gangabal lake is embraced by splendid mountains and stretches out to vibrant meadows on one side. It’s an ideal spot for nature lovers to hike and play with beautiful cluds wondering all over Haramukh mountain range

2.Nundkol Lake: Nundkol or Nund kol lake also known as nandi kund or kalodaka lake comes is also an alpine lake another charming high altitude freshwater lake located at the foothills of Mount Harmukh situated in ganderbal district. Nundkol Lake is considered sacred by Hindus because of its also called lake of Nandi Surrounded by rugged mountains and green forests, it offers a serene and scenic retreat for hikers. The Nundkol Lake lies at the foot of Mount Haramukh (5,142 metres (16,870 ft)). The Gangabal Lake which is bigger and at higher altitude lies 1.5 km to the north of the lake. Surrounded by the lush green meadows, the banks of the Nundkol Lake serve as the camping site during the summers. Nundkol lake is accessible in summer, is a year-round attraction.

3.Satsar Lake: Satsar Lake, also called Sat Sar (meaning seven lakes), is a group of seven connected high altitude lakes in the Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir. The lakes are arranged like a waterfall and cover a 4 km area. This beautiful lake in Sonmarg can only be hiked during the summer months. Experience the sensation of being above the altitude of 11,500ft with the river valley below as you approach the Satsar Lake. This region known as Maengandob, is characterized by streams running down through green meadows under the mountain’s shadow. you can place your camp near the campsite are of  Satsar Lake.

4.Vishansar Lake & Krishansar Lake: On the third day of your trek will have to trek to beautiful lakes called Vishansar Lake & Krishansar Lake. Vishansar Lake, sitting 3710 m high above sea level, is 1 km long and 0.6 km wide. It’s about 20 km from Sonamarg and is a famous spot for tourists in the Kashmir valley. The lake is surrounded by green fields in the summer, but it freezes in winter. The main sources of water for this lake are the Krishansar Lake and glaciers. The water from Vishansar Lake flows out through a small stream that splits into two – one part feeds the Neelum river and the other part joins the Nallah Sindh river. mesmerizing lakes that freezes over in winter. This lake, named after Vishnu, “one of the principal deities of Hinduism” is surrounded by majestic mountains and diverse flora and fauna, creating a breathtaking sight with its greenish blue color of the lake and surroundings.The Great Lakes Of Kashmir

5.Gadsar Lake: The Gadsar Lake, also known as Yemsar, holds a fascinating view for visitors. Amidst its shimmering cobalt green waters and white glacier mountains, Gadsar Lake view looks like a vision from a dream coming true in reality, Gadsar lake is also famous for a mythical legend that narrates a mythical creature like octopus lives in Gadsar lake who drags any one into deep lake who comes too close to the lake shore. Despite its ominous reputation, Gadsar Lake remains a mesmerizing destination, offering activities such as camping, trekking, and village exploration.”

Gadsar lake has remained famous in Kashmir for centuries now. The lake was traveled by Britishers for fishing, the name Gadsar is made of two Kashmiri words. Gad means fish and Sar means a lake. So the Gadsar literally means the lake of fish.

Experience the highest pass in the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, Gadsar Pass, at 4200m, on the third day. As you ascend, you’ll see multiple beautiful river streams created by melting snow on your left and blue glaciers rocky mountains on your right. Amid these rugged terrains, you will see vibrant meadows blooming with colorful flowers.

How Much does the Package for The Great lakes Of Kashmir Trek Cost?

The Best Package deal for the “Kashmir Great Lakes Trek” is provided by Rover Travels. This package covers a 7-day stay, food, snacks, camping equipment,  professional and knowledgeable trekking guide. The price for the Kashmir great lakes trek begins at 14999 which includes transportations and accommodations as well, so don’t wait and book your Trekking slot at Rover Travels


  • Six Days Trek in Great Lakes Of Kashmir.
  • Fishing At Gadsar Lake.
  • Experience The Flora And Fauna in Great lakes of Kashmir.
  • Enjoying The Untouched Meadows of Kashmir.
  • Mesmerizing Glaciers only few People have seen.
Day 1: Srinagar to SonMarg

Begin your journey in Srinagar, then drive to Sonamarg, the starting point of your trek. Sonamarg is a beautiful town situated high above sea level

Enjoy the scenic view of Sonamarg valley also known as valley of gold, Sonmarg name derived from two Kashmiri words sona ” means gold” and marg “means valley”. In the evening enjoy the beautiful scenes of blue rivers flowing from tall snow capped mountains and prepare for the next days hike.

Accommodation: Hotel

Day 2: Trek From Sonamarg to Nichnai Pass

Start your day with a heavy breakfast and packing your trekking gear double checking every bit of  gear you need along the trek. Start you trek from Sonamarg to Nichnai, passing through dense forests of pine and fir trees, a total of 11 kilometers over 8 hours. Enjoy the gorgeous views of the mountains along the way while enjoying Great lakes of Kashmir trek. During the trek, you are expected to climb landscapes that are different and testing for trekkers. Carrying a heavy luggage and climbing straight for half an hour is not possible. Pack your bag with only essentials needed for the trek as told by the company or trekking guideGive utmost priority to water and energy snacks in your packing.


Accommodation: Quechua camping Tents

Day 3: Trek from Nichnai to Vishansar Lake

You have to start you trek  from Nichnai to Vishansar Lake, via Gadsar Pass traversing the high Nichnai Pass. Vishansar Lake sits at a high elevation and the trek there is approximately 12 kilometers, taking 7 hours.

This trek could be  Moderate and difficult depending on the physical ability of the trekker, trek follows one n half hour or two hours of steep ascent followed by 1 hour of steep descent, easing off into level walk.

Accommodation: Camping Tent.

Day 4:Trek from Vishnusar to Gadsar Lake

Start from Vishansar Lake and head to Gadsar Lake, a 14-kilometer journey over 8 hours. Gadsar Lake, known for its crystal-clear waters, is situated at a significant height.

Accommodation: Camping Tent.

Day 5: Trek from Gadsar to Satsar

Go from Gadsar Lake to Satsar Lake, covering 12 kilometers in about 6 hours. Satsar Lake comprises seven individual lakes and is located at a considerable altitude.

Accommodation: Camping Tent.

Day 6: Trek from Satsar to Gangabal via Zaj Pass

Leave from Satsar Lake and travel to Gangbal Lake, an 11-kilometer trek that will take you around 6 hours. Gangbal Lake is an incredibly beautiful spot surrounded by snow-covered peaks.

Accommodation: Camping Tent.

Day 7: Trek from Gangabal to Naranag.

On your final day, you’ll trek from Gangbal Lake to Naranag, a journey of 11 kilometers over 6 hours. Naranag marks the end of your trek. From there, you will be driven back to Srinagar, concluding your adventurous journey.

Accommodation: Hotel.

KASHMIR GREAT LAKES TREK is a seven day long trek starting from beautiful valley of Sonamarg and ending in Ancient village Naranag covering 74 kms, located in the Kashmir valley.

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