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Tarsar Marsar, Pahalgam, Jammu and Kashmir Explore Kashmir

Trekking In Kashmir package featuring expeditions to Kolahoi Glacier, Tarsar Marsar lakes, and Gangabal Lake.

“Trekking In Kashmir Through Kashmir’s Crown Jewels” – A Rover Travels Experience Trekking In Kashmir package featuring expeditions to Kolahoi Glacier, Tarsar Marsar lakes, and Gangabal Lake.

If you an adventure seeker Kashmir, often dubbed as the “Paradise on Earth”, has some hidden treasures for you, far away from the usual hustle bustle come join with our Trekking In Kashmir Package for that thrill you are looking into your life.

“Discover the Majestic Beauty of Kolahoi Glacier, Tarsar Marsar Lakes, and Gangabal Lake with Rover Travels – Where Adventure Meets Nature!” ROVER TRAVELS

Kolahoi Glacier: The Alpine Wonder Our trekking journey begins with the mesmerizing Kolahoi Glacier. It’s not just a glacier; it’s an experience. Walking through the lush green meadows, you’ll reach this icy paradise. The beauty of the glacier is captivating, making all the trekking effort worth it!

Tarsar Marsar Lakes: Twin Beauties of the Valley Next, we head to the enchanting Tarsar and Marsar Lakes. Imagine two pristine lakes surrounded by snow-capped peaks! The reflection of the mountains on the clear blue waters is a sight to behold. Set up a camp, and let the tranquil surroundings of these twin lakes rejuvenate you.

Gangabal Lake: A Serene Finish Our last stop is the Gangabal Lake, a serene water body nestled amidst the mountains. The trek might challenge your stamina, but once you reach the top, the panoramic view of the lake and its surroundings will leave you in awe.

Throughout the trek, Rover Travels ensures a comfortable experience. From experienced guides, who know the terrain like the back of their hand, to delicious meals by the campfire, we’ve got everything covered. So, tie up your laces and backpack with us for an unforgettable trekking adventure in Kashmir.Trekking In Kashmir

Ready for the trek of a lifetime? Contact Rover Travels and let’s make it happen!

Rover Tour & Travels (Google Map)

Please arrive at least 2 hours before the flight.

  • 7 Days Accommodations
  • 7 days camping Gear
  • Accommodations
  • Professional guide And Drivers.
  • Pickup At Airport & Departure At Airport.

  • Airfare.
  • Medical Expenses.
  • Local Shopping Expenses.

“Himalayan Adventures” – 7-Day Kashmir Trekking Package by Rover Travels

Things to Do in Rover Travels’ Trekking Package

    1. Kolahoi Glacier Hike: Walk on the glacier and feel the thrill. Listen to the ice beneath your feet and enjoy the vast snowy landscape.
    2. Camp by Tarsar Marsar Lakes: Spend a night under the stars beside these twin lakes. Share stories and warm up with a campfire.
    3. Fishing at Gangabal Lake: Try your hand at catching some freshwater fish in the serene waters of Gangabal.
    4. Mountain Photography: Capture the breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, green meadows, and shimmering lakes.
    5. Bird Watching: Spot and identify diverse bird species native to the region as you trek through.
    6. Local Delicacies: Taste traditional Kashmiri food, prepared fresh during the trek.
    7. Nature Meditation: Find a quiet spot by the lakes or meadows and meditate in nature’s lap.
    8. Story Sharing: Gather around with fellow trekkers and share stories of adventures and travels.
    9. Explore Flora and Fauna: Discover unique plants and animals of the region as you trek through various terrains.
    10. Stargazing: Away from city lights, the night sky is a spectacle. Lie back and gaze at the stars and maybe catch a shooting star!

    Join Rover Travels for a mix of adventure, serenity, and pure natural beauty. Your trekking expedition awaits just a call away call us on +91-7006-034-586!

Day 1:Arrival in Srinagar

Welcome and transfer to hotel/guesthouse.
Briefing on the trek and preparations.
Overnight stay in Srinagar.

Accommodation: Hotel

Day 2: Srinagar to Aru Base Camp Tour

Morning drive to Aru, the starting point of the trek.
Settle in at the base camp, get acclimated.
Overnight camping under the stars.

Accommodation: Camping Tent With Accomdations.

Day 3: Aru to Lidderwat (Trek towards Kolahoi Glacier)

Start early morning.
Trek through dense forests along the Lidder River.
Camp at Lidderwat and enjoy a campfire evening.

Accommodation: Camping Tent.

Day 4: Lidderwat to Kolahoi Glacier and Back

Trek to the stunning Kolahoi Glacier.
Spend time marveling at the icy landscape.
Return to Lidderwat for overnight camping.

Accommodation: Camping tent.

Day 5: Lidderwat to Tarsar Marsar Lakes

Trek through alpine grasslands to reach the twin lakes.
Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Tarsar and Marsar lakes.
Camp by the lakeside.

Accommodation: Camping tent.


Day 6: Tarsar Marsar to Gangabal Lake

A challenging trek crossing over the Zaj Pass.
Reach the beautiful Gangabal Lake by evening.
Enjoy the serene surroundings and camp overnight by the lakeside.

Accommodation: Camping tent.

Day 7: Gangabal Lake to Srinagar

Morning trek down towards Naranag.
Drive from Naranag to Srinagar.
Farewell dinner and departures or optional extension of stay in Srinagar.
Note: This trekking package is designed for experienced trekkers. Proper acclimatization, fitness, and prior trekking experience are recommended.

"Join Rover Travels on a journey to the heart of Kashmir. Experience the pristine beauty of Kolahoi Glacier, the serene waters of Tarsar Marsar lakes, and the tranquil setting of Gangabal Lake. These untouched gems offer a slice of paradise for every traveler. Dive into nature with us and make memories to last a lifetime!"

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